State and Local Taxes

Tax laws are constantly changing. This makes it hard for the taxpayer to understand and comply with tax laws and regulations. We at Brown, Brown and Associates, P.C. strive to remain on the forefront when it comes to understanding the application of these laws.

We are able to offer tax-planning strategies to help minimize your tax burden. Our staff prepares individual, corporate, partnership, fiduciary, non-profit, and estate tax returns. We offer electronic filing for individual, partnership and corporate returns.

We also offer Fast Funds. This is a method of receiving your refund in approximately 24 hours. Since we do this through a third party, we cannot guarantee the time. However, past experience with these refunds has been excellent.

And you can rest easy knowing that we will represent you in a tax audit by the IRS or state.

Brown, Brown and Associates can also help you with determining the effects of selling property, stock, businesses, etc. Taxes can sometimes be lessened if you consult before you act.

State and Local Taxes

In any business, there should be a clear understanding of how these taxes will affect your business. We can help you obtain an understanding of how these taxes will affect your business, as well as when they are due and to which agency they are due.
Our professionals can assist you with a wide variety of state and local taxes.

These include:

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Tangible Personal Property Taxes
  • Business License (Gross Receipts Tax)

Tax Documents

2016 – 2017 tax documents: